bitchxyouxsuck (bitchxyouxsuck) wrote in skaxnkrew,

Name:: moe
Age:: 16
Sexuality:: straight
Status:: jen
Location:: miami fl

5 favorite bands:: msi, slayer, metallica, pink floyd, him
5 favorite books:: my life, harry potter, night sight, memoirs of a shy pornographer, Rubicon.
5 favorite movies:: The Lord of The Rings, Grease, Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet, asphalt jungle

How many skank points do you currently have?:: i own all in the world
If any.. give motherfucking details. So we know it's not fake.:: my penis has been aquainted with more than 200 of his vagina friends.
Give a favorite line/phrase from a favorite song of yours:: "i'll show you how official midgets jack me off."
Do you have a dominatrix outfit?:: yes, but not mine.

Place atleast 3 or more photos of yourself here::
i don't have one. stfu.

OPTIONAL:: i love jen!
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