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Name:: Karla

Age:: 13

Sexuality:: ....bisexusal

Status:: Single

Location:: Naples, 239

5 favorite bands:: Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Flogging Molly

5 favorite books:: How am I supposed to pick my 5 favorite books????  Ahhh...too many [please don't reject me for not listing them ;D]

5 favorite movies:: Pirates of the Carribbean, Frailty, Scary Movies [all of them...I'll just count them as one...], The Butterfly Affect, Edward Sicsorhands [OMG that movie was soooo cute <33]

How many skank points do you currently have?:: Erm, none? Sorry...

If any.. give motherfucking details. So we know it's not fake.::  ^^

Give a favorite line/phrase from a favorite song of yours::

Do you have a dominatrix outfit?:: Yeah, actually, I do!  Go fucking me..

Place atleast 3 or more photos of yourself here::

[random pics...ew]

OPTIONAL:: (Put anything that's on your mind) Hmm, my chair spins fast..

i<3you pleaseacceptme<333333333

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