Kevin (iamthy_kevin) wrote in skaxnkrew,

Name:: kevin
Age:: 15
Sexuality:: bi
Status:: tatiana i love you
Location:: miami

5 favorite bands:: msi slayer slipknot korn the faint
5 favorite books:: don't read.. sorry.
5 favorite movies:: uh, i watch movies all the time with tatiana but we never pay attention so i dont know

How many skank points do you currently have?:: a lot
If any.. give motherfucking details. So we know it's not fake.:: stop trying to make me think! i'm fucking high
Give a favorite line/phrase from a favorite song of yours:: same
Do you have a dominatrix outfit?:: yeah, not mine though

Place atleast 3 or more photos of yourself here:: none

OPTIONAL:: (Put anything that's on your mind)fucking shiiit. shut the fuck up already.

i'm too good for a lj cut so stfu.
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